ToolingBox, Professional makes values! is the official online store of ToolingBox China( to sell solid CBN inserts &carbide inserts and tools, wood tools&blades and accessories for metalworking and woodworking industries. Our aim is to be the No.1 online selling supplier for tooling in the world!

Solid CBN Inserts

Brazed full CBN insert WNMG0804 TB100Brazed full CBN insert WNMG0804 TB100 with 6 cutting edges

Carbide Inserts for Woodworking

Carbide Slitting Saws

solid carbide slitting saw D20mmcarbide slitting saw blade

High Quality PCD Inserts

Laminated PCD Insert RNMN120400 TCD100Laminated PCD Insert RNMN120400 TCD100 with cutting edges
  • Quality Materials

    In order to offer the customers with the best quality, we choosed high grade-carbide and CBN powder to produce our carbides blades and solid CBN inserts. You can enjoy your tooling with our high quality inserts.

  • Competitive Price

    We believe in accessible pricing and full transparency. Competitive price is a main aim for us to set up the online store. We promise you that you will find the most cost-effective product for tooling industry in the world.

  • Free Shipping

    We offer you free shipping service with the delivery time of less than 2 weeks for USA customers, regardless of the order amount. You may also choose a faster shipping with an increased shipping options.

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