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  • Laminated PCD Insert RNMN120400 TCD100
  • Laminated PCD Insert RNMN120400 TCD100 with cutting edges
  • 2pcs packing Laminated PCD Insert RNMN120400 TCD100
  • 10pcs packing Laminated PCD Insert RNMN120400 TCD100
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Laminated CBN Insert Dia 9.52mm(3/8 inch) for Aluminum Heads & Blocks with steel precups-R303S

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  • Item No. R303S : ISO size RNGN090300, Round 9.52mm(3/8") with thickness 3.18mm (1/8")
  • Single Sided laminated CBN insert
  • Ideal for aluminum blocks with iron liners and aluminum heads with steel pre-combustion chambers.
  • RPM speeds with a 14” (355.6 mm) cutter range from 650-750 RPM.

Laminated CBN Inserts consist of a layer of PCBN composite sheet materials bonded to a carbide substrate, reduced edge build-up allows for high precision cutting. PCBN composite sheet material is also an artificially synthesized material exceeded in hardness only by diamond, while still offering superior wear resistance to carbide in certain applications, which is much suitable for interrupted cutting and difficult-to-machine materials.

Please clean all tooling thoroughly before installing a new CBN inserts. Metal chips, debris or dirt can cause the insert to become misaligned in the tool holder and possibly damage the insert or the work piece. When the cutting edge of the insert becomes dull, simply rotate the CBN until a new cutting edge is presented.

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