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Wood Handheld Turning Tool Full Size Handle Set Carbide Tipped Lathe, 6pcs/set

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  • Tool bar and Handle Material:Handle is made with alloyed aluminum and copper. Tool Bars are made professionally with good quality steel with quenching process,to make the tools very strong.

  • Indexable Replacement carbide insert design: matched with Carbide Cutter (Square14×14 × 2.0mm-30°,Round 12 × 2.5mm-30°,Square with 2" Radius 15X15X2.5-R50, Diamond 10×28mm(VEMN160200, Round 16x3.0mm)

  • Full Size, Easy to use: greatly simplified learning curving when turning,No complicated angles to learn and remember,For all skill levels woodworking enthusiast or DIY,Every tool is beautifully coated for durability.

  • Package list :    Unassembled and separate packaging with plastic box.             

6 Pieces Wood Turning Tool bars,
    Woodturning tool carbide inserts: 
    1 x Carbide Tipped Hollower Tool Round 12x2.5mm
    1 x Carbide Tipped Finisher Tool Round 12x2.5mm
    1 x Carbide Tipped Finisher Tool Round 16x3mm
    1 x Carbide Tipped Rougher Tool Square 14x2mm
    1 x Carbide Tipped Rougher Tool Square 15x2.5mm-R50
    1 x Carbide Tipped Detailer Tool Diamond with radius
    1 x Interchangeable Handle

    1 x star key wrench of T15
    1 x star key wrench of T20
    1  x adjustablewrench
    1  x allen key wrench

    1. When you on working, please remember to protect your eyes from flying debris!
    2. Please don't let children touch it.