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【Newly】TBDrill-XP™ series Solid Carbide Drills for Universal Hole Drilling - 3XD with Straight Shank - Ø3.0 -12.0mm

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ToolingBox Versatile High Efficiency Solid Carbide Drills for General Purpose:
The TBDrill-XP™ drill series 3XD is part of our family of drills, covers a diameter range from 3.0–20mm (0.118–0.7874”) and provides 3XD drilling capability.

Applicable in many materials for cross hole drilling, inclined exit drilling, deep hole drilling and chamfer hole drilling. The TBDrill-XP™drill series offers long tool life, fewer tool changes, requires less tool inventory, making it an excellent alternative to other high-performance material-specific drills. The cone point design is ideal for piloting applications.

The TBDrill-XP™ drill series carbide drills are designed to excel in high-speed drilling applications for a variety of materials including super alloys, stainless steels, steels, grey cast iron, which are very suitable for multi-purpose and general-purpose drill for small and medium-sized shops.

TBDrill-XP™ drill series win the 2023 product innovation award of China Cutting Tools Assciation.

【Product Features】:

  • Design of double edges
  • Big Chip Evacuation Space
  • X-shape cutting edge
  • Polished chip evacuation flute
  • Applicable drilling materials: Grey cast iron/Steel/ Stainless steel
  • Multi-purpose and General-purpose drill
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized shops

Please kindly make sure your drilling materials and requirements before choosing the right carbide drills with right carbide grade.if you need help or inquiry, please feel free to emaill us via, for you can visit our official company website for more info.