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  • Solid CBN insert RNMN090300 TB100
  • 2pcs packing Solid CBN insert RNMN090300 TB100
  • Solid CBN insert RNMN090300 TB100 for gray cast iron
  • 10pcs packing Solid CBN insert RNMN090300 TB100
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【Newly】Round Solid CBN insert 12.7mm(1/2 inch) for Multiple Materials Resurfacing of Engine Head and Blocks-R303K

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  • A round  12.7 mm (1/2”)IC with 4.76mm (3/16 Inch) Thick.
  • Double sided, Solid CBN Insert.
  • NEWLY design for multiple materials resurfacing of engine head and blocks. This solid CBN grade can be adapted to machining of various engine materials, including high hardness grey cast iron,hard steel alloy and even pure aluminum engin block.
  • An excellent, long life insert for surfacing cast iron heads and blocks - round shape gives many cutting edges on each side of insert.
  • You can make one finish cut and two rough cuts with each new cutting edge. Always use a new edge when making a finish cut.
  • When using a 14” (355.6 mm) cutterhead (SF, F65, F80) speeds range from 900-1200 RPM. When using an 18” (457 mm) cutterhead speeds range from 600-800 RPM.
  • Suitable Surfacer Machine: Rottler SF, F65, F80