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  • tcgw pcd lathe inserts
  • size of pcd inserts tcgw1103
  • size of tcgw1604 insert
  • toolingbox iso pcd inserts
  • toolingbox customized pcd inserts
  • application tcd200 grade
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PCD Insert TCGW-TCD200 for Ceramic,Graphite,Non-metal &Wood turning

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  • ISO type TCGW1103/TCGW1604 PCD Insert: 60° triangle shape with side length 11mm(0.43in)/16.5mm(0.65in) and thickness 3.18mm( 1/8in) /4.76mm(3/16in).
  • Single tipped PCD cutting edge
  • TCD 200 grade suitable for ceramic,graphite,non-metal &wood turning.

The turning insert is tipped a PCD layer on one corner of the insert, it's a very good way to achieve high precision cutting with an economical cost saving. The PCD grade TCD200 is a universal PCD grade with the average particle size of 10um, which has good toughness and wear resistance with the balanced processing performance, specially for the turning of ceramic, graphite, non-metal &wood.

Please kindly make sure your machining materials and requirements before choosing the PCD inserts with righ type and PCD grade. if you need help or inquiry, please feel free to email us, or you can visit our official company web for more technical support.