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  • size of carbide planer blade 80.5x5.9x1.2mm
  • Carbide planer blade 80.5x5.9x1.2mm
  • packing of  carbide planer blade 80.5x5.9x1.2mm
  • fitting to the machine with Carbide Planer Blade
  • application with carbide planer blade
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Carbide Planer Blades 80.5X5.9X1.2mm-35°( 3.2" ),10pcs/set

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  • The reversable carbide planer blade 80.5X5.9X1.2mm-35°( 3.2" ) is designed for Carpentry Electric Power Tools, can fit to the below power machines: 
  1. AEG (Atlas Copco) 450,
  2. Dewalt DW676K
  3. Elu MFF40, MFF80K, MFF80, MFF81, MFF81K
  • Manufactured in a specially selected high quality grade TBK10 of tungsten carbide, lasts up to 50% longer than standard HSS blade.
  • Easy to operate with 2 cutting edges, suitable for wood surfacing planing cutterheads, groovers, helical planer cutter heads, and other woodworking applications.
  • 10 pieces,packed with a plastic container for safe and easy storage.