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  • size of carbide planer blade 75x5.5x1.1mm
  • carbide planer blade 75x5.5x1.1mm
  • packing of carbide planer blade ToolingBox China
  • application with carbide planer blade
  • fitting to the machine with Carbide Planer Blade
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Carbide Planer Blades 75X5.5X1.1mm-35°,10pcs/set

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  • The reversable carbide planer blade 75X5.5X1.1mm-35° is designed for Carpentry Electric Power Tools, can fit to the below  models list:    
  1. Black & Decker Planer Models - BD710, DN710, DN720, DN750,BD711, KW713, KW725, BD713, BD725.
  2. AEG Planer Models - EH82, EH82-1, EH700, EH822, H750, H500, EH3-82, EH800, EH450.
  3. Bosch Planer Models - PHO2-82, PHO3-82, PHO3-82B, PHO100, PHO150, PHO200, PH300, PHO15-82, PHO25-82, PHO30-82, 1592-9, GHO282, GHO31-82, GHO36-82c.
  4. DeWalt Planer Models - DW677, DW678K, DW678EK, DW680K D26500, D26501
  5. Draper Planer Model - P882
  6. Felisatti Planer Model - TP282
  7. Haffner Planer Model - FH224
  8. Hitachi Planer Models - P20V, P20SA.
  9. Holz-Her Planer Models - 2321, 2321-S, 2322, 2223 (new), 2121, 2330.
  10. Mafell Planer Models - EHU82, MHU82, MHU82S, MHU82D.
  11. Metabo Planer Models - Expert 4382, HO0882, HO8382.
  12. Nutool Planer Model - NPT82
  13. Perles Planer Model - SK82A
  14. Peugeot Planer Models - RA82CS, RA400, RA3/82.
  15. Skil Planer Models - 92H, 94H, 95H, 96H, 97H.
  16. Ryobi Planer Models - L282, L-1835, L180.
  17. Wolf/Kango - 8108
  • Manufactured in a specially selected high quality grade TBK10 of tungsten carbide, lasts up to 50% longer than standard HSS blade.
  • Easy to operate with 2 cutting edges, suitable for wood surfacing planing cutterheads, groovers, helical planer cutter heads, and other woodworking applications.
  • 10 pieces,packed with a plastic container for safe and easy storage.