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Brazed Solid CBN insert VNMG1604 TB100 for gray cast iron machining

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CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride) grade TB100 is specially designed by ToolingBox (Beijing) Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd for cast iron machining with high-speed, such as normal gray cast iron, engine cylinder and cover etc, with 88-94% pure PCBN content (8-12um particle size) in a metallic based binder which greatly helps in dissipating heat.

 This CBN material can produce as good or better tolerances than conventional grinding with longer tool life and machining efficiency.

Revolution for milling cast iron material,especially for the brake disc machining.

Vc up to 1000m/min;

Fz up to 0.5;

Ap max to 4mm;

Better tool life with high effectiveness. Please visit us for more details via www.