carbide cutters with single hole for woodworking

Carbide materials selection for indexable inserts of woodworking

As you may know, the indexable insert knives for woodworking are made of tungsten carbide materials with center holes and installed on a spiral cutterhead. They are suitable for woodturning tools, single-sided planers, double-sided planers, four-sided planers, edge banding machines and vertical shaft machines etc. Sharp cutting, smooth cutting surface and strong durability. The carbide indexable insert knives have the advantages of low noise and high strength, and become the preferred tool for modern woodworking.

In the furniture manufacturing process, the general wood materials include: solid wood, hardwood, particle board, high density board, etc. Solid wood, because of its large density difference with hard texture and many tree nodes, it requires high impact resistance and wear resistance for tools. Therefore, the cutting materials for solid wood machining requires strong impact resistance and high wear resistance; but for particleboard, high-density board, and medium-density board, these woods have higher hardness than solid wood, and are also corrosive, so the requirements for carbide insert knives are much higher. 

In order to meet the different requirements of tooling performance, the different carbide indexable insert materials should have their corresponding grades. So ToolingBox China has launched the general-purpose grade and professional grade to meet the requirements of the above two types of woodworking.

ToolingBox Carbide Grade List for woodworking
  • Universal carbide grade TBK30

The TBK30 material uses ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide powder of 0.6-0.8µm and a binder phase of 5.0%, which makes the insert maintain an excellent balance between wear resistance and impact resistance, even in harsh working can still obtain stable processing performance. TBK30 carbide grade is a universal choice for the tooling of solid woods, including handheld woodturning and light cutting with spiral cutterheads. It is a material with high cost performance.

woodturning with Round carbide cutter D12X2.5mm TBK30

                   ( woodturning with Round carbide cutter D12X2.5mm TBK30 )

  • Professional carbide grade TBK20

Professional grade material TBK20 is specially designed by ToolingBox China for the wood types of particleboard, plywood and MDF materials. The carbide grade is produced with sub-fine grained tungsten carbide powder, combined with Co+Ni+Cr corrosion resistance strengthening formula and strict production process controlling. It has passed a wide range of customers' proven in use, cutting quality and tool life have reached the industry-leading level.  

Shelix Helical Head with carbide insert knives 15x15x2.5xR100-4R0.5 TBK20

            (Shelix Helical Head with carbide insert knives 15x15x2.5xR100-4R0.5 TBK20)


Typical Wood Application with Carbide grade TBK20 and TBK30:

wood application for carbide indexable inserts