2021 Black Friday Season Discount Policy

Black Friday Discount Policy

Dear customers, 

The Black Friday Season Holiday is coming, We will offer your the below discount:  

Applicable towards all items store-wide at toolingbox.store. 

No returns and no refunds on cash coupon. 

Total value of 10% captured on your orders. be careful, the coupon only applies for registered users, when you place your order, please make sure you are logged in. 

If you used quanitity discount, the calculation of the total value will be based on the total value after the quantity discount. 

Expiration: Nov.22, to Nov 30th,2021 

Declaration: For orders refunded after checkout, the associated cash coupons will be voided. If cash coupons were redeemed earlier than the refund of orders, the corresponding redeemed amounts will be deducted from the refund.

Thank you and enjoying your shopping with our store.